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After Treatment

Aliminium Finishing Machine - FCA series

The finishing works of aluminium products, such as burns removing, gates and runners cutting, surface machining, drilling, etc. which were generally handled by a group of special purpose machines are now integrated into a single Cell unit.
The ruggedly constructed finishing machine is capable for fast and highly accurate surface treatment of aluminium products.


  • Delicate correspondence to the production plan is possible by 1 to 1 installation of this multi-purpose finishing Cell to a pressure and/or low-pressure die-sasting machine.

  • Continuous sinishing works from deburring to machining is possible by a single Cell.

  • No waste water is discharged from the Cell as processing and machining are performed in the dry state using diamond tools.

Ball end mills : for deburring

Face mills : for rough-finishing

Circular saws:for cutting gates

Drill:For making pilot holes

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