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Servo Press

We propose sealed temperature control and precision press combined with a work handling system.

Composite conditions are combined to offer a press machine suitable to the customer's materials, methods and processes.

Example applications

  • Forming of thermosetting resin parts
  • Thermal compression of thermosetting resin parts
  • Forming of powder materials
  • Thermal bonding of liquid crystal panels
  • Thermal bonding of fuel cell MEAs
  • Pasting of thin-film, multi-layer boards (using decompressed chamber)
  • Pasting of thin-film, multi-layer boards (using decompressing jig)
  • Imprinting
  • Compression forming
  • Straightening of automotive parts (shafts)
  • Powder forming of pills and tablets
  • Cutting of medical sheets
  • Thermal bonding of medical films
  • Thermal forming of ceramic powder
  • Thermal bonding of ceramic sheets
  • Imprinting of ceramic sheets
  • Forming of powder grinding wheels
  • Thermal bonding of CFRP parts
  • Thermal bonding of silicon wafers
  • Destructive compression testing of batteries

Product Lineup

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