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Precision Brushing Machine

Our precision brushing equipment features long segment brushes that are adjustable to maintain both brush feed and trim length. This new technology allows uniform finishes hard to achieve with conventional brush machines. It is best suited for the precision finishing of edges of machined and sintered metal and pressed parts.

Features of Precision Brushing Machine

1. Suitable for finishing edges of ground or polished parts.
2. Does not incline burrs or cause secondary burrs.
3. Does not roughen the finished surfaces.
4. Maintains stable finishing quality.
5. May be integrated into an inline system.
6. Wet finishing eases cleaning in the subsequent process.

Precision Brushing Machine EDGE MASTER series

  • 2-station table type


  • Removal of impurities
  • Rounding
  • Brushing
  • Removal of burrs & fins
  • Smoothing

Removal of burrs & rounding


Removal of burrs & rounding






  • Maintains stable finishing quality.
  • The one-piece process ensures high quality without gouging and flawing.
  • The dry finishing method is also used for oily products.

Brushes for prevision edge finishing

  • Even brush wear is essential for uniform finishing results.
  • Therefore, Sinto designed a unique segment brush that is detachable, so the brush can be reset for even wear.
  • An additional benefit is extended brush life.

Precision Brushing Machine series

Conveyor type
Center-less type
Items\model Table type Center-less type
Max. work size Φ300×150H Φ300×75H Φ300×75H diameter:Φ50
Work Length:2m
Capacity of weight 12kg/1axis 12kg/1axis 12kg/1axis -
Turn table 1-station 2-stations index 4-station index -

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