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Micro blasting( MICROBLASTER)

Microblasting technology has made existing technologies such as ultrasonic processing, laser processing, etching and microdrilling obsolete.
The technology copes with precision processing of hard and brittle materials like glass, ceramics, silicon and others, as well as fine workpieces like semi-conductors, image display, electronic devices and the like. The technology materializes highly precise micro-processing as fine as the line width of 20μm and bore diameter of 30μm.

Micro-processing machine MICROBLASTER MB1

Accurate blasting is possible.


  • Fine shots are injected at a constant rate with a fixed-rate feeder.
  • Capable of blasting fine details such as grooves or uniformly roughening surfaces.
Glass、Si Alumina、Aluminum nitride
Hole diameter 50μm~ 100μm~
Blasting depth variation ±5% ±10%~15%
Aspect ratio
(at hole diameter of 100 microns)
Single-sided blasting 1:2
Double-sided blasting 1:4
Single-sided blasting 1:1
Double-sided blasting 1:2

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