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Shot Peening

Propelling steel abrasives or other media on the surface of parts induces residual compressive stress. This increases the part's fatigue strength and resistance to stress-induced splitting and corrosion cracks.

The traditional domain of shot peening is in the automotive and aviation industry. But shot peening applications are now expanding into many new areas whith a demand for higher reliability, durability and ligher weight of parts.

We offer a wide variety of shot peening equipment with two different projection methods: - the blast wheel (impeller) type suitable for projecting large amounts of shot over a wide area - the air nozzle type suitable for projecting shot over a limited area

Types of Shotpeening Equipment

Fixed table type


Multi table type


Lifting table type


Robot type


Hanger type


Monorail type


Drum type


Conveyor type


Effect of Shotpeening process

  • Increased durability by uplifting fatigue strength.
  • Improved wear-resistant property.
  • Prevention of stress corrosion cracking.
  • Sealing treatment.

Air nozzle type-Shot peening machine ISPX

Conveyor type

  • Capable of positively controlling the peening quality.
    Product rotating speed
    Table position
    Shot quantity
    Air pressure (blasting speed)
  • Installable without pit to ease line layout changes.
  • Easily operated from a touch-screen panel.
  • Auto-stop function for saving the energy.
  • Consumable replacement reminder

Impeller type-Shotpeening machine SHBX series

Perfect solution of crack, chipping & hitting mark problem

Suitable for a wide range of applications from pressed or machined parts and oily products through deburring of heat treated items, smoothening and glazing.



  • Removal of impurities
  • Surface roughing
  • Removal of burrs & fins
  • Peening


  • Blast processing of multiple pieces is possible by using hanger jigs
  • Compact machine (SHBX-I) with built-in dust collector

Hanger type-Shotblasting Machine series

Items\modell SHBX-Ⅰ SHBX-Ⅱ SHBX-Ⅲ
Max.work size. (mm) Φ300×600H Φ400×750H Φ700×1000H
Max.loading weight(kg) 50 50 50

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