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Shotblasting machine for building materials

Treatment of joint parts and friction surfaces of steel fabrication materials by shotblast processing is much faster, effective and efficient compared to manual operation using sander.
Sinto contributes to

(1)Shortening of processing time (1/10 of sander work),
(2)Achieving maximum slip factor on shotblasted surface,
(3)Eliminating the burden of operators of sander,

and to rationalization and labor-saving of steel fabrication plant with the equipment which all the benefits of shotblasting process are exploited to the fullest extent.

Conveyor type Shotblasting Machine KAC series

For maintaining a required slip factor of H-section steel and columns, as well as for pre-coating treatment


  • Removal of burrs & fins
  • Surface roughing


  • A slip factor corresponding to the surface roughness not less than 50 microns can be obtained.
  • Lineups applicable to H-shaped steels from the minimum size of 150 x 75 to the maximum size of 1000 x 500 and equilateral H-shaped steels up to 500 x 500
  • Automatic treatment of the all surfaces of brackets and crossbeams
  • Blasting can be adapted to your needs.

Whole surface blasting

Whole surface treatment (Surfaces except both ends can be treated at a high speed )

Partial treatment (Surfaces except both ends can be treated at a high speed )

Partial treatment (Single-sided treatment)

Partial treatment (Hole detection)


Items\model KACX-Ⅰ KACX-Ⅱ KACX-Ⅲ KAC-12Ⅰ
Conveying posture Ⅰ-posture Ⅰ-posture Ⅰ-posture Ⅰ-posture
Work size (mm) Max. H700×300 H1000×400 H1000×500 H1200×300
Min. 900L 900L 900L 900L
Treating Capacity (L/batch) 0.5 0.5 0.7 0.6
(m3 /batch) 5.0 5.0 7.0 0.50

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