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Shotblasting machine for wire rods

Sinto has the richest experience and know-how in the field of shotblasting equipment and technologies among other surface treatment technologies offered and delivered by Sinto. Various types of shotblasting machines are ready to cope with all materials and shape of target work. Wire rods shotblasting machine is one of them.

Features of Wire Rods Shotblasting Machine Series

(Homogeneous surface finish) Shot projection and work transportation mechanisms perfectly match the materials and shape of target work. For finishing the surface of work efficiently and uniformly, it is important to have superior shot projection and work transportation mechanisms.

In case of wire rods shotblasting machine of Sinto, the following considerations are emphasized in relation to the materials and shapes of work.
1.Optimization of output, arrangement and design of Impeller Unit, the shot projection mechanism.
2.Optimization of arrangement and shape of Roller Conveyor and Work Guide for work transporting.

By optimizing the above two systems, steel shot is blasted over the surface of work efficiently to materialize the homogeneous surface finish.

(Clean working environment)
Shotblasting is the dry processing without using acid, water and oil. Therefore, it does not require liquid waste disposal and other after-treatments. In addition, the powdery dust generated from shotblasting is removed by dry filter of dust collector thoroughly for maintaining clean working environment.

Rich lineup of equipment to cope with shape of work.
In wire rods shotblasting series for the surface treatment of wire rods, the following three types are prepared;
Any type of machine best suited to the shape of your work is optionally selectable.

Any type of machine best suited to the shape of your work is optionally selectable.

Shape of work Corresponding type of machine Transporting method Size of work
Coil to Coil Coil to Bar SMIX-Ⅰ 搬送方法 Φ7~Φ38mm
Bar to Bar (Round rod) SNC-100K 搬送方法 Φ15~Φ89mm
X Min L3000mm
Bar to Bar (Noncircular section rod) SNC-RA 搬送方法 Max
W 100~200
X Min L3000mm

Material of work corresponding to the treatment objective of shotblasting machine.

Material of work \ Effect Descaling Dust removal Removal of impurities Lubricant Under coat treatment Surface roughing
High carbon steel
Carbon steel
Alloy steel
Copper and brass
Stainless steel
Free-cutting steel

Wire rods shotblasting machine SMIX series

New wire blasting machines suitable for descaling φ7 to 38 mm wires.




  • The running costs for descaling can be reduced by 20% at the maximum as compared with our conventional machines
  • Fitted with a shot quantity adjustment system that optimizes the shot quantity according to the steel or scale type.
  • By optimizing the shot quantity, it is possible to prevent excess energy consumption and slow the wear of consumables.

Wire rods shotblasting machine SNK-100K series




  • The machines furnished with 1 to 4 units of impeller are available. Selection among them is possible depending on the required processing capacity.
  • Wire rod materials rotate on their axes by the function of hand drum type conveyor rollers, and the rod materials are blasted clean uniformly.

Wire rods shotblasting machine SNC-RA series




  • The machine is furnished with ideal arrangement of impellers for efficient shotblasting treatment as well as with ingenious roller system for stable work transportation.

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