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Shot peening

Propelling steel abrasives or other media on the surface of parts induces residual compressive stress. This increases the part's fatigue strength and resistance to stress-induced splitting and corrosion cracks.




Hit the abrasives on the surface to improve the life-endurance and lightness.

Result and function:

  • Longer service life
  • Corrosion crack resistance improvement
  • Finer surface textures
  • Fatigue strength improvement
  • Application of pressure
  • Leak prevention

Examples of processing

  • Gears


  • shaft


  • Aircraft engine

    Aircraft engine

Machines used for shotpeening and their features / Features of the process

Machines Features of the process
Airblasting machine (sand blasting)
  • Capable of surface roughing & dulling a local point by injecting shots through a nozzle.
  • The one-piece or batch process can be selected according to the equipment type.
Shotblasting machine
  • Capable of injecting a lot of shots and, therefore, roughening or satin-finishing large areas on large products or a large number of products at a time, resulting in an higher efficiency.
  • The one-piece or batch process can be selected according to the equipment type.

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