History of Sinto

History of Sinto’s business expansion and global development

Rooted in our foundry business that’s #1 in the world, we have expanded to surface treatment and environmental equipment, and from there to new fields, connecting a long history of businesses over many years. Throughout that history, the Sinto Group has walked together with our local partners around the world. In doing so, we have continued to expand our business globally, earning the deep trust of customers in 17 countries and counting. Explore the Sinto Group’s history of growth below.


Kubota Seisakusho, Ltd. (Kubota Works)

Chotaro Kubota establishes Kubota Seisakusho, Ltd. (Kubota Works) in Nagoya on October 2, 1934. Kubota develops the first jolt squeeze molding machine, the W-Series, which would see great success as the successor to Toyota’s first engine block casting. Sinto molding machines are used for casting in all kinds of industries.


Development of the impeller unit, which would become the heart of shot blasting machines


Japan’s first shot blasting machine (SCB) and the DC cyclone dust collector are delevoped, and initiatives for foundry and related industries continue.


First domestic foundry plant

First domestic foundry plant


The company is listed in the Nagoya Stock Exchange, laying the groundwork for future growth. In the same year, the company develops the first shell-mold machine, the SHM-Series, continuing to lead the way in the foundry industry.


Partnership with Wheelabrator Corp. (USA)

The first phase of construction is completed at the Toyokawa Plant, and technical cooperation begins with Wheelabrator Corp. (U.S.A.) for shot blasting machines and dust collectors, signifying the company’s continued revival and growth both within and beyond Japan.



Kubota Works celebrates its 25th anniversary and is reborn as SINTOKOGIO, LTD.


The company is listed in the Osaka Securities Exchange. It is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange the following year.


Sintobrator, Ltd.

Sintobrator, Ltd. is established as a joint venture with Wheelabrator Corp. (U.S.A.), specializing in the production of abrasives. The establishment of Sintobrator marks an important moment in Sinto’s development overseas and its first steps toward becoming a global enterprise.


Sinto develops various shell-core machines in 1965, and the following year, the PM Series, an 8-station metal mold casting machine for aluminum products, is introduced.


Establishment of Taiwan Sintong Machinery Co. Ltd.

Taiwan Sintong Machinery Co. Ltd. is established as a joint company in Taiwan, Sinto’s next entry into the world stage. Sinto continues its expansion of business with the development of a cold-box core making machine and technical cooperation with Fordath Limited (U.K.) for a continuous mix-muller. New industry developments and technical cooperation around the world would continue to be important initiatives for decades to come.


Korea Sinto Co. Ltd. is established as a joint company in South Korea.


Sinto’s V-Process makes its world debut

Sinto develops the V-Process molding system and participates in the establishment of V-Process, Ltd. This year also marks the beginning of Sinto’s major efforts at overseas business development. In the coming years, the V-Process would gather worldwide attention and even more activities would begin with new international partners and in new locations.


Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Sinto’s international efforts continue at a rapid pace. Wheelabrator Sinto do Brasil is established as a joint company with Wheelabrator Corp. (U.S.A.) in 1974. The following year, Heinrich Wagner Sinto Maschinenfabrik GmbH (formerly Wagner Sinto) is established in West Germany. In 1977, Taiwanabrator Co., Ltd. is established in Taiwan, and Herman Sinto V-Process is established in the U.S. with partner Herman Pneumatic Machine Co.


SEIATSU molding machine

Sinto develops the SEIATSU molding machine, APS Series and FBS Series. SEIATSU becomes the mainstream technology in casting worldwide.


Technical advancement continues to be a main theme for Sinto as the company develops new solutions not only in the foundry industry but in related industries such as ceramics. In 1986, the New Production System (NPS) is introduced as a method of increasing productivity and pride in the manufacturing process.


Sinto continues to develop overseas with the establishment of Roberts Sinto Corp. in the U.S. (1987) and Siambrator Co., Ltd. in Thailand (1988). Sinto’s power cylinder in the mechatronics industry is also developed during this time.


Qingdao Sinto Machinery Co. Ltd.

International efforts continue as companies are established in the United States, Thailand, China, and Brazil. Sinto continues to develop new solutions in the foundry, surface treatment, and environmental equipment industries.


Aeration molding machine

Sinto introduces its world-renowned environmentally-friendly Aeration molding machine, ACE Series, as well as shell core molding machines with deodorizers and compact dust collectors and vacuum cleaners for dioxins.


Sinto enters new global markets such as India and Mexico, while strengthening long-running relationships with new companies in China. Sinto’s world-standard flaskless molding machines with Aeration sand filling technology, FCMX Series (2004) and FBOX Series (2007), are debuted.


Sintobrator merges with Sintokogio, signifying Sinto’s renewed commitment to its global endeavors, providing quality products and specialized support to manufacturers the world over.


Zhejiang Sinto Abrasive Co., Ltd. is established in China.


Sinto Bharat Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

P.T. Sinto Indonesia is established in Indonesia, and Sinto Bharat Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is established in India.


Guangzhou Xin Zhongtong Machinery Co., Ltd. is established, becoming Sinto Group’s newest group company in China.


Sinto acquires Technical Metal Finishing, Inc. in U.S.A., further opening up possibilities in the surface treatment industry. Sinto strengthens its engagement in Europe as well with capital participation in German company Frohn GmbH.


New partnership with Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH, creating new possibilities

Sinto enters into a strategic partnership with German company Laempe & Mössner GmbH, the world leader in core molding technology, and Laempe becomes an affiliated company under the new name Laempe Mössner Sinto GmbH.


Sinto makes a capital investment in French company 3DCeram, a pioneer in ceramic 3D object printing processes and materials. With the new group company S.A.S 3DCeram-Sinto, the Sinto Group positions itself to be the world leader in 3D ceramics.


Omega Foundry Machinery, a leading manufacturer of no-bake equipment, joins the Sinto Group. With Omega Sinto Foundry Machinery Ltd, Sinto broadens their lineup and network for no-bake equipment, becoming a top manufacturer in the no-bake field worldwide.


Sinto Turkey is established in Turkey. The Sinto Group is now able to provide fast, total after-sales service and parts localization to new and existing customers in the Turkish market.

Walking toward a new future

Building on the foundational work of the previous generations and the trust built through decades of technical development and partnerships worldwide, Sinto is now stepping into a new era as a truly global group. In an era that is changing at an increasingly accelerating pace, the Sinto Group continues to transform and evolve. We will continue to offer state-of-the-art solutions to customers all over the world, moving ever forward toward a new chapter in our history.