Surface treatment

By modifying the shape and

properties of the surface of materials,

we give them new functionality.


A comprehensive approach to surface treatment, now and forever

In a field that has expanded in limitless ways, Sinto has proposed surface treatment solutions that provide materials with added functionality. We are the only manufacturer in the industry that provides total surface solutions, from equipment and blasting abrasives/polishing media to support for more stable operations.
We will continue to offer a comprehensive approach to surface treatment, from “creation” technologies that produce surface functionality to “observation” technologies that maintain that functionality.

Three benefits of Sinto’s surface treatment



Surface treatment can enhance product strength, which can help manufacturers reduce weight and save energy. We can make metal products more energy-efficient, and we can also make them stronger, or in other words, safer.



The world is demanding smaller and more light-weight electronic and precision components. Our next-generation refined surface microprocessing solutions not only reduce size and weight but improve productivity and efficiency as well.



Whether they want a smooth surface, a non-slip surface, or something in between, we create the surface characteristics that deliver the functionality our customers need. We can offer the treatment solutions that maximize the best features of the materials our customers are working with.

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