Our brand and philosophy

The Sinto brand


Visually inspired by the rising sun, the Sinto logo symbolizes the dynamic energy of a burning flame. It also represents us locked in a firm handshake with our customers as we ascend together like the sun on the horizon.

SINTO in Japanese is made up of two characters: “new” and “east”. The first character 新 is pronounced “SIN” and express the idea of being new, advanced, and innovative. The character 東, pronounced “TO“, refers to the sun rising from the east. Together, they express the combination of power and passion in our corporate culture of “Ever Moving Forward with Vision”.

The brand slogan “New Harmony >> New Solutions ™” expresses our global commitment to the brand concepts of “Differentiated Technology” and “Reliable Customer Support”. We strive to deepen our bonds with everyone we encounter through new proposals and solutions that take our customers into the future.

Our management philosophy: HEART

Human Enrichment & Achievement through Reliable Technology

Since our foundation and throughout our history, the Sinto Group has grown as a result of our desire to make the world a better place through heartfelt manufacturing and by pursuing world-class technology.

Our corporate philosophy is HEART. It is an acronym for “Human Enrichment and Achievement through Reliable Technology”. Going forward, we intend to deepen our bonds with everyone around us as we continue to make a positive impact on our customers and the world through our ever-advancing technologies.

Our corporate philosophy: Giving form and life to process materials

The materials industry processes natural resources into process materials. It is the material processing industry that gives form to them.

High-quality process materials underlie all industrial products. As a company that manufactures foundry equipment, Sinto has developed extensive technologies and expertise in the field of metal casting since our establishment in 1934.

Over the decades, we have consistently followed our basic corporate philosophy of “Giving Form and Life to Process Materials”. Today, Sinto’s business operations have expanded to include various sectors of the material processing industry through advanced, integrated, applied technologies that stem from our foundry-related technologies and accumulated know-how. But no matter where we expand our work, we remain committed to our essence: giving form and life to process materials.

Sinto Group Company Song