Corporate message

Our passion for manufacturing will survive the ages.

Since our establishment in 1934, the Sinto Group has continued to develop through the pursuit of world-class technology, based on our hopes to cherish the heart of manufacturing and contribute to society. We have used the technology and trust we have built over many years to respond to the changing times, and our stance of working earnestly to provide “manufacturing that supports manufacturing” continues today.

Now, with the advance of technology such as digitalization and IoT, our environment is greatly changing at an accelerating pace. While holding onto our roots that must never change, we are boldly taking on challenges to develop new products and services in new fields, with an eye to the future. We remain staunchly committed to our top priorities—safety, quality, the environment, and our people—taking the skills of our individual members to the next level as a springboard for further growth.

We strive to offer new value to our customers, always keeping their manufacturing needs in mind. Deepening our bonds with everyone around us, we will continue to aim to be a company that is always chosen by customers, generation after generation.