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Mass production and quality improvement

We recommend reducing the weight and cost and improving the accuracy, production efficiency and quality, employing the most advanced foundry technologies.

As the only comprehensive engineering manufacturer in the industry covering all foundry processes, Sinto offers the optimum resolutions based on the technologies and know-how we have accumulated for 70 years.


Environmentally friendly, high-quality molds can be produced.

ACE static pressure molders


High-quality aluminum castings can be produced in a stable manner.

PLS tilting aluminum casting machines

Improving the functional and aesthetic values

A variety of needs for surface conditioning by deburring, descaling, roughening, etc. through surface reformation for durability and reliability improvement are supported.

  • Blasting
  • Sand removal from castings
  • Deburring
  • Descaling
  • Removal of impurities
  • Surface roughening
  • Patterning
  • Edge finishing
  • Rounding
  • Flat finishing
  • Glazed finishing
  • Mirror finishing
  • Shot peening

Shot Peening

Shot-peening improves the fatigue strength and stress corrosion crack resistance of parts. It greatly contributes to environmental protection, energy saving and reduction of CO2 emissions in the next generation.

DASP process TM

DASP process TM
By the residual compressive stress of over 1800MPa and the surface hardness of more than 100Hv, Materializing the world's highest level of fatigue strength


This process reduces casting faults by modifying the die casting mold surfaces. It contributes to cost savings and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Before / After

Engine part

Engine part

Reducing the coefficient of friction for slipperiness improvement contributes to fuel efficiency improvements and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Before / After

A sensor board with cut holes

A sensor board with cut holes

Suitable for precision fine machining of automotive parts. It is possible to cut very precise through and non-through holes on brittle materials such as glass without generating notable chips and cracks.

Enlarged photo

Enlarged photo

Improving the luxuriousness and comfortableness

We offer comprehensive systems consisting of molding equipment, assembly lines, molds and jigs necessary for production of interior parts.

Example applications

Automated equipment for molding and finishing required for production of high-grade automotive interior parts

Example applications

Instrument panels, door trim panels, floor carpets, etc.

Prototyping and development

We recommend resolutions using inspection systems for evaluating the durability and performance of parts.

The on-vehicle conditions are reproduced to test the durability and functionality of parts against stresses.

Sensor temperature inspection systems

A dielectric voltage tester and a thermal resistance tester are integrated into a unit.

PM Tester

Electric properties of IGBT modules and chips as single elements can be determined.

Chip handlers

Car electronics

We support the rapidly progressing field of car electronics including electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles and road traffic systems.

Used for manufacturing membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs), which have a great effect on the performance of fuel cell batteries.

Digital hot press machines

Capable of accurately and excellently metering and mixing battery materials.

Slurry dispersion system, DISPARIZER

Power systems for inspection and evaluation of inverters and converters

Power systems with regenerative function

"Press-fitting" and "riveting" in part assembly processes

Sinto's servo cylinders (electric actuators) are ideal for "press-fitting" and "riveting," which require accuracy.

servo cylinders

Energy-saving and compact. Accurate press-fitting ensures stable quality.

Energy-saving and compact. Accurate press-fitting ensures stable quality.

Improving working and plant environments

Environment related equipment responding to needs of the times

A lineups of products is available for dust collection throughout the factory and at individual work sites.

Suction Hood

Providing you with a hood that meets your needs

Exhaust gas purification technologies (RTO)

Excellent VOC decomposition performance and low running cost have been realized.

Water processing equipment

We recommend reliable waste water treatment systems applicable to various types of waste water.

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