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Blasting process

Blasting process

Complete deburring improves the quality.

  • Burrs with thickness up to 0.4 mm can be removed.
  • Burrs even in grooves and holes can be removed.

Before / After

Failures are reduced by deburring thin products while controlling distortion.

  • Thin products and products with strict dimensional tolerances can be deburred while controlling distortion.

Before / After

The aesthetic quality is improved by deburring without roughening the surface.

  • Glazed finish can be obtained by deburring with controlled surface roughness.

Before / After

Coating faults can be reduced by removing flow lines.

  • This prevents uneven coating in the subsequent processes

Before / After

Coating faults can be reduced by removing heat cracks.

  • This prevents uneven coating in the subsequent processes

Before / After

The surface is roughened optimally to improve the adhesiveness.

  • Ideal surface roughness can be obtained in the under-coat treatment in the subsequent process.

Before / After


Advanced Shot (AD) / Hardness: Hv 85 to 100

Advanced Shot (AD)

The best balanced blasting process in terms of safety, quality and cost


  • Demonstrates excellent deburring performance.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of dust explosion and protects the operators' safety.
  • Gives white gloss to the finished surfaces.

Foundry process

Casting faults can be reduced by treating the mold surfaces.

Untreated / D-FLOW treated / Photo of cross section

Surface treatment process D-FLOW
Prevents the following failures
  • Peels
  • Flow lines
  • Cold shut
  • Seizure
  • Blowholes Etc.


Surface treatment

Sealing Processing

The "blowhole filling process" for preventing pressure leaks

Direct Pressure Air Blasting

  • Blowholes at the surface layer are filled up by injecting shots to prevent oil and other fluid pressure leak.
    The dry process, which is friendly to the environment than the impregnation process, is used.

Processed Layer Representation

Edge deburring process

Edge deburring after machining

Precision Brush Polishing

  • It has become possible to deburr products without removing their sharp edges.

Before / After

Mold peening and cleaning process

Realizing long service life molds

A general mold

An Aminite DS treated mold

Shot Peening

  • Shot peening increases the mold life expectancy and reduces the mold cost.

Environment improvement

Environment improvement

Inspection process

Properly adjusting the table height reduces the load on the operator.

Scissor lift - table lifting equipment

Scissor lift - table lifting equipment

  • The table height is easily adjusted to reduce the load on the operator during straightening or inspection process.

Assembly process

High precision part injection

Electrical injection press

Electrical injection press

  • Does not use oil, preventing fires and increasing safety.

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