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After Treatment

A process for collapsing the mold, separating the product from sand and cooling down the product.
We will offer a resolution that fit the customer's product size, small or large.

Mold cooler MTB

The product and sand can be separated and cooled down in a compact space.
The crushing and sieving functions automate the post-treatment of instable, smaller, general-purpose products and also improve the working environment.

Shakeout machine-SHO


Improves the working environment by controlling vibration, noise level, dust and heat.

The latent heat generated by evaporation of moisture contained in the sand is utilized to quickly cool down the material.

Vapor and dust are efficiently discharged by means of a forced draft fan.


Model MTB-2010 MTB-2512 MTB-3014 MTB-3516
Sand Processing capacity (ton/hr) 10~15 15~30 30~55 55~95
Maximum casting rate (tons/h) 3 6 11 19

Shakeout Machine – SHO series

Powerful flask releasing force and rigid construction.

Shakeout Machine – SHO series


  • For large products Separates the product and sand while conveying the mold by vibration. Sand is separated from the metal flask with a strong force to break sand lumps into smaller pieces.
  • An air spring is used to reduce the vibration to be transmitted to the ground.
  • Can also be used for releasing the green sand mold from the flask.


  • Inverter (for easier protection from low-frequency vibration)
  • Dust hood
  • Control panel
  • Cast iron or copper gratings
  • Wired gratings


Model SHO-02 SHO-03 SHO-07 SHO-10 SHO-20
Max. load capacity (tons/hr) 2,000 3,000 7,000 10,000 20,000

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