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Core making process for aluminum castings featuring superior collapsibility and environment-care property


Using polysaccharide binder as its main ingredient, Lyte Core, featuring superior collapsibility, is the optimum core making process for aluminum casting production.
Its environmental burden is so Lyte, and its energy consumption required for sand removal from as-cast is also quite Lyte.



  • Lyte Core process

    In this new core making process, polysaccharide binder and sand are agitated and whipped until creamy and light, and poured into heated dies. Lyte Core develops superior collapsibility at the pouring temperature of molten aluminum.

  • The energy required for shaking off the core sand is less than 1/10 of shell core.

    Application of polysaccharide binder that dissolves at a lower temperature range makes core sand removal easier at the temperature as low as the pouring temperature of aluminum.
    For example, the sand removal from the casting produced by using Shell core would be difficult with 50G in 60 sec. shakeout. However, the sand removal from the same casting is quite easy with only 5G in 10 sec shakeout if Lyte core is used.

  • Shortening of Lead Time

    Cooling process before sand removal is not required. Therefore, the cooling process before heat treatment is curtailed to achieve great shortening of total lead time. In addition, the carrying out and spilt of sand to the downstream process is substantially reduced.

Appearance of core produced by Lyte Core process

Appearance of core produced by Lyte Core process

Interior view of core produced by Lyte Core process (Cut portion)

Interior view of core produced by Lyte Core process (Cut portion)

  • Such chemicals as Phenol, Formalin and the like are not used.

    Main ingredient is polysaccharide material. Phenol, formalin and other chemicals are not used.

  • Energy loss is minimized

    Sand reclamation is performed by mechanical system. No calcination process is used.
    In addition, the curtailment of cooling process and heat treatment process after pouring contributes to a remarkable reduction of energy loss.

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