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Total engineering manufacturing of casting equipment


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Sinto’s “Foundry Integration” for upgrade castings and Foundry systems

We offer the best casting manufacturing systems, including process selection, based on your products, production volume, and overall needs.

Better Casting manufacturing,Casting systems friendly to the people and earth,Reliable casting manufacturing Control & Information Molding System Core Making Pouring&Metal Handing Shot Blasting Environment After Treatment & Grinding Better Casting manufacturing Casting systems friendly to the people and earth Reliable casting manufacturing

  • Better Casting manufacturing
  • Better Casting manufacturing
  • Better Casting manufacturing Green Sand Molding Sand Condition System Chemically Bonded Sand Process V-Process Equipment Aluminum Casting System
  • Core Making more
  • Pouring&Metal Handing more
  • Shot Blasting more
  • Environment more
  • After Treatment & Grinding more more
  • Control & Information more
  • Better Casting manufacturing

Please consult us for foundry-related inquiries.

(81)52-582-9217 +81-52-581-6896

Available hours: 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00, Monday through Friday
(excluding national and corporate holidays)

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