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Sand Recovery System

Impurities and various foreign substances mixed in the recovered sand are separated and removed, sand lumps are loosened, and a fixed volume of sand is discharged from sand hopper.

Sand cooling system Sand Properties control system Aerator

Over-band Magnetic Separator / Permanent Magnet pulley

Over-band Magnetic Separator / Permanent Magnet pulley

Rotary Screen - RCS series (Removal of Core Debris)

The compact rotary drum sieve continuously crushes the sand collected after disassembly.

Rotary Screen - RCS series (Removal of Core Debris)


  • The punching screen system consistently separates sand masses and core refuse. An ecological rotary drum sieve generates less vibration and less noise. By incorporating a detachable band, the sand stopping time is lengthened to improve the cooling efficiency.


Model RCS10A RCS10-30B RCS10-40A
Sand Treatment Volume (ton/hr) 60 120 160
Filtering Punched hole single-turn drum type

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