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Tight Flask Molding Machine - ACE Series

Producing high-quality castings while showing concern for protecting the environment

SEIATSU Tight-flask Molding Machine-ACE series

“Aeration sand filling” technology


・Japan Ministry of Economic, Trade and Industry:Preferential tax treatment as energy saving machine.

・Japan Machinery Federation: Recognition of Outstanding Energy-saving Equipment: Minister of M.E.T.I. Award.

・Chunichi Industrial Technology Award from Chunichi Shimbun.

・Society of Plant Engineers Japan: Monozukuri Grand Prix.

・19th Sokeizai Industrial Technology Award: Minister of M.E.T.I. Award.


  • Uniform, highly strong molds are realized through aeration sand filling technology.
  • Draft angle is minimized.
  • Spill sand is eliminated and cut-off sand is minimized.
  • Achieves an operator-friendly environment and energy savings.
  • Installation space is reduced by compact design.
  • Molding condition is made visible.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to simple structure.


Model ACE-3 ACE-4 ACE-5 ACE-6 ACE-7
Max mold size (mm) 700~550 850~650 1,000~800 1,200~1,000 1,500~1,200
Mold height (mm) 150‐250 ~250 ~300 ~250 ~300 ~300 ~350 ~400
Molding Method Aeration + Squeeze
Max molding rate (molds/hr) 150 150 135 144 130 120 108 80
  • ※1)Please consult us about mold sizes and output other than those stated above.
  • ※2)Specifications are subject to change without notice.
  • ※3)CE version is also available as an option.

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