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HOME > Products > Foundry > Product Lineup > Molding Machines > Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine - FBM-IIT, IIIT

Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine - FBM-IIT, IIIT

A top-under blow mechanism has been adopted for ideal sand filling. The core setting workstation is separated from the molding and mold stripping stations for optimal performance.

Horizontal Parting Flaskless Molding Machine- FBM-II, III, IV


  • The shape of the blow head has been improved for better flow of sand and uniform sand filling. The unique blow mechanism eliminates sand scaffolding, and assures stable molding performance on the matchplates even with complicated designs and sharp profiles.
  • Matchplates are constantly held perfectly level by a plate holding lifter in order to achieve a mold stripped from the matchplate at the highest accuracy.
  • The machine’s pitless design allows for easy and equick installation.
  • Drag mold slides in and out for safe and comfortable core setting. (Only available with FBM-IIT.)


Mold size Length(L)(mm)×Breadth(B)mm 450×350 550×450 600×500 609.6×508(24"×20")
Height(H)mm Cope Drag:150・180
(2-step optional presetting)
Cope Drag:200・225・250
(3-step optional presetting)
Molding Method ※1) Top-Under Blow + Squeeze
Max molding rate(Molds/hr) 200
[Excluding core setting time]
[Excluding core setting time]
  • ※1 Mold size of 660.4×508 mm is available for FBM-IIIT upon request.
  • ※2 Molding speed shown above indicates the fastest case with the mold thickness setting of Thick/Thick, and without core setting. (Only available with FBM-IIIT.)
    If cores are set, the cycle time is prolonged by 5 sec. for drag shuttling + core setting time.
  • ※  The above specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

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