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Introduction of distribution and material handling related products

We offer solutions for material handling, making use of the know-how we have accumulated over many years.

Meikikou is a material handling system manufacturer dealing with three product lines; scissor lifts, conveyors and clean systems. Scissor lifts, conveyors and original clean systems have been constructed from handling systems employing mechatronic technologies and newly developed "connections" coupling points vertically and horizontally. Meikikou globally contributes to the rationalization, automation and improvement of productivity of industrial material handling and conveyance, utilizing technologies and experience accumulated over more than 50 years.

Scissor lifts:

Meikikou offers added value such as durability and accuracy as well as safety to the manufacturing processes in various areas from automobiles through IT and precision machinery.

Scissor lifts:

The scissor lift is a pantograph arm lift used to lift a heavy object or adjust the working height. Meikikou designs and manufactures products based on a lineup of more than 2400 products based on customer applications and specifications.

Conveyor systems:

Meikikou's conveyor systems have been playing an active role in the physical distribution field and on production lines at various manufacturers in Japan and beyond.

Conveyor systems:

Meikikou is designing and manufacturing case conveyors and pallet conveyors, which are key machines for distribution as well as roller conveyors as their basic products.

Clean flow systems:

Meikikou offers accurate handling systems for use in clean rooms during manufacture of liquid crystal glass boards and semiconductive wafers.

Clean flow systems:

Meikikou designs and manufactures loaders and unloaders for liquid crystal displays, EFEMs for semiconductive wafers and loading ports based on original clean robots.

  • The cleanliness of the LCD robot has been improved to class 10 (0.1 microns).
  • The cleanliness of the semiconductive wafer handling robot has been improved to class 1 (0.1 microns).

Material handling technologies

  • Scissor lifts
  • Conveyors
  • Clean systems

Major products

  • Scissor lifts
  • Conveyor systems
  • Clean systems

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